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Grid Who?

When we set out to build the best DVR and Live TV platform on the planet, we knew there would be challenges. We built a scheduling engine that reins in the multiverse by considering every possible recording schedule, then picking the best one, much like the work of the late, great Stephen Hawking. Tl;dr he found that the Big Bang Theory held strange implications for the multiverse, we say bring on the reruns! We built the smoothest DVR setup experience in the West to get you up and running with a bespoke program guide in no time. We built a sophisticated, multi-layer recording engine to let you tune in and time shift while ensuring your recordings continue without a hitch. You can even skip commercials.

Throughout this process, however, one cry has risen above the rest: “Can you PLEASE make a grid view?” (The cry often includes more profanity, but you get the idea.)

“Impossible,” we thought. “Can’t be done.” Some of the greatest scientific minds had tried and failed. Then we did it. We think it turned out really nice. Go check it out today in Plex Web!

Media Player for Mac

10.10 Yosemite or later (64-bit only).
July 24, 2018

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* We’re bringing it to other platforms too.