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Become a one of us :)

- Be a reseller!

Earn big money - start your own IPTV Business.
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Including / What do we offer
✅  Help to Start your Own IPTV Business  
  Set Up Reseller Account  
✅   Own Seller pannel with all your customer lines
✅   Amazing special reseller-prices
✅  Easy tools for your subscriptions for lengths, id, password and link, generator  
✅   Unlimited / Quantity of Lines / Clients
✅   FREE Customer Trail Accounts (max 100 pers/day)
✅   Online Support / Telegram / WhatsApp 24/7
🏁   Service Provided On:
✅   Android / smart tablets / Laptops 💻
✅   iPhone/ipad and Mac  📲
✅    SmartTV  🖥️
✅    APTV  📺
✅    StartUp package 🏁 "On Load" Your reseller account will be loaded with some "start credits". That means; you can start sell right away. 🎯
✅    Reseller package of + 6000 Channels ✴️
✅   + 5000 VOD Movies and Series 🎥 in HD/HDD and now even 3D
✅   + more pay-per-view" movies - we includes  them in our VOD  🎞️
💰   Easy money !!

✅   Chose/offer 1 or 2 days of free client trial accounts 

📅   New clients/lines  

💁   Book a one to one meeting "chatt-online" and we see were it goes ;)



Start your own IPTV business and make money with us.

– Register for a reseller account with us we will send you test line. You can check the channel list and panel. With the trial account, you can create 100 trial accounts per day. You have a panel to manage your own account.

– The reseller account is not time-based. This means that if you buy a reseller account, it will not expire at all! The only important thing is your credits. Credits allow you to create accounts for users. For example, creating 1-month account costs you 10 credits. You can sell our service as long as you have credits left. If you run out of credits, you can add credits by ordering again.

– We have many different payment gateways. You can subscribe via PaypalCredit Card, bank transfer, Skrill, swish and bitcoins.

In our StartUp package you will receive everything you need to start right away. Join the our group of Entrepreneurs who have or are in same posision as you are. Come along with us and manage to join our already extremely successful Team.  We will provide you with tools and back office, so you can get to take off and sell the futures of tv right away! 
We can even give you assistans to build up your own webshop with all social accounts. Feel Welcome!

– If you have any problem, just take contact. We are here to help.


Personal account

– We have over 10 000 channels and 8 000 VOD. There are a lot's of Sports channel to make sure you don’t miss your team’s game.

– Available on MAG device, Smart TV, Android, Kodi, IOS, Enigma 2, Fire TV,…If you are not very tech-savvy don’t worry we have detail guide for your device.

– Our price is very affordable. And for each yearly IPTV subscription, we'll give $100 in commission. 

– We provide the free trial test on 48h for you. IPTV subscription gives you access to our whole 6000 channels and 8000 VOD library in a beautiful interface that runs very smooth. After register with us, you can log in get your M3u List. You can download M3U file or simple use M3U link. You can set up Smart TV, VLC, Perfect Player, Android, Fire TV, Kodi with M3u list.

– We have many different payment gateways. You can subscribe via PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill and TransferWise.

– We will support you 24/7.
You can contact via Skype, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Fill our contact form, and we will get back to you with our amazing special price list for our resellers.
For Refill of reseller credits, please log in your account. Use the payment links from our mail, to do your Credit Refill. If you missing something or have a question, don't hesitate to ask us! We want you to succeeded! 
 "Reseller Area" > Fill upp credits. To get quick access to the credits, please take contact in chatt, for assistans.
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