Preper your mag device to switch over to Simple TV

How to Prepare the MAG device

  • Go to the inner portal and then into the settings. Under Server-> Portal enter the following URL:
  • The graphics resolution should be set to 1280x720 (Experimental 1920x1080)
  • Check the Time Zone and the time server NTP
  • Reboot your MAG device.

Edit MAG device

  • Click on the title of the MAG device

On this page you can change all data. You can remove the MAG device and then insert a new MAC address.

Ministra TV platform

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Ministra TV platform

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Ministra TV platform

Use whichever method of monetization that you prefer: pre-paid or post-paid subscription services , PPW, VOD, and advertising.

Ministra TV platform

UI branding options

Ministra TV platform

Is an attentive assistant for your media service.

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