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We provide you with ALL channels available in the World. And you don't need anything more than your already got!
All games and live games or special events with MMA or hockey, boxing, soccer/football. Doesn't  matter we got it all. And we have a fully loaded film bank with +6 000 new Video On Demand films that do not need to be hydrated but are available to see and start any proximity without additional charges. In our more than +8 000 channels, it is > 100 local special channels + > 100 adult channel with porn 24/7. We've been giving away the away free access to all, so just so you can see how it s to watch tv in the future. But Best of all is that we're all the cheapest. 

We will provide you Best iptv service you can get right now. With an Uptime over 99.5%, over time. That means our service is stable and safe.
The small disruption of the disruptions, is the most for maintenance work, which is not our customers notice. We think everyone should go over the future way of watching tv already, so we invite all new customers to try for free. To access Our entire supply, you can do differently.

Try to watch a movie direkt in you browser total without all advertising.

We accept USD, Euro, NOK, DKK, SEK och bitcoins.

It's possible to pay with Credit Card, bank transfer, swish or with your bitcoins. Like to check our prices, click here

Do you want all channels, with out any Advertising all the latest movies and series. Totaly for free first two days. no redundancies or other connections. Look and pay only 149kr/month for a complete Media Archive and more than 10 000 irl channels. 

We got TV Channels from all over the world. It's actually over really 8000 of them. Check the Channel list here 
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Fast and Quality

Gradual, but at the same time, fast implementation will not attract anyone's attention.

We do not need access to your profile, only a link to it or a post.

If you have any questions about our services or experience any problems with your service, or want some help to install, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Free Test

One Try out our service for 48 hours, and you can see the quality and speed of our services without payment and any obligations.