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Now Combined with your present subscription.
Right NOW, we have a special price for 195 kr in total, to get it all for a month.
No hidden charges. Pay for what you use and for the time you want. 

Special price right NOW 195 kr
 to get ti ALL over 18 000 Live TV Channels
+ 6500 Movies, series and talkshow episods


100 Skr Click here to order

 Want your own playlists?

  • Do your own Hand Picked channel list. Just pick all you favorites and build you very own VIP list. Who will be displayed ONLY on your devices. 
  • See ALL the latest movies first! We will display all the latest movies first for you and later for the hole network. 
  • Get your own space. Use our power full, quick and safe servers. We reserv a private area on our virtuell disks, with direct access from all over the world. With highspeed processors and storage. 
  • Put all your digital media on one place with best access.
  • Accessed via servers and apps. Works on all plattforms and devices 1 

(Latest lokal offer)

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Vi finns tillgängliga nu via messenger. We can set up a trail line and you will get access in minutes.

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Fast and Quality

Gradual, but at the same time, fast implementation will not attract anyone's attention.


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If you have any questions about our services or experience any problems with your service, or want some help to install, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Free Test

One Try out our service for 48 hours, and you can see the quality and speed of our services without payment and any obligations.

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