More Than Just Live TV

Watch your favorite live sports, news, entertainment, and more.
Plus, get unlimited access to the entire CMoreSport,, Viasat Sport, Alla Matcher, Live, MMA,
UlitimateFighting, Hulu – all for only 9.90€ /month.


Watch all your favorites

Watch Live and On Demand TV from 5000+ channels including sports, movies and news. Plus stream full seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, current episodes, premium and more.

TV that gets you

Enjoy an all-new TV experience with personalized profiles and custom TV lineups. Record live TV starting with Thousands of movies in both HD, HDD and now even 3D. Stream on multiple devices at home or on the go.

Hassle-free TV

No hidden costs, any get it all for less than you pay today. More choices and no extra fees for premium movie channels. Get more and save money. Pay for what you see, you take away what you don't want. Pause, play and slip advertising Easy to install, work on all the newer units.


3 types

Do the size matter?



Over 10 000 live channels with live TV!!
With latest news, movies, sport events. We present all this content to favorite media player. Use  witch platform you like mobile or computer or on TV. And we will connect you through the best interface, or use your own variant. We can distrubte all TV Channels and movies to all Apple devices and Android phones and surfpads and to all Smart TV's.

We support:
AppleTV, KODI, MAG,Samsung TV, LG Smart TV, ipads/iPhone, Sony, Google, Windows / Android mobiles and PC or MAC. PS4 & Xbox.


You can use Xbox, Play Station or if you already have an STB box. We're compatibel with all MAG modells and KODI/Enigma2 Plugin. We even have an Virtual STB box, So if you like to get the STB experice but don't have or dont like to have a lot of ugly cords lying and dusting.
We connect you direct to our cloud-solution. So you don't have to think about software updates or any other settings. Everything is done smoothly through the cloud, and you only need one app on the TV. Very similar experiance to a magbox but totaly with out any extra hardware or device. 

We support:
AppleTV, KODI, MAG,Samsung TV, LG Smart TV, ipads/iPhone, Sony, Google, Windows / Android mobiles and PC or MAC. PS4 & Xbox.


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Juhan Stensson

Personal stylish

Juhan Stensson on Jul 25, 2018
WoooW - Riktigt överraskande upplevelse att få tillgång till så mycket så enkelt och lätt. Blir att säga upp ett och annat abonnemang nu :) Tack & bock för hjälpen. Juhan

Oliver Puinto


Got a Good Quick help
Oliver Puinto on Jul 28, 2018
Got a Good Quick help!!
To activate my IPTV (mag256) so now thn is fully fed one year more 👍🏻 Thanks mate

Jan-Olov Sundström

Travel blogger

Tack för att du visade mig detta ✨👍🏻
Jan-Olov Sundström on Aug 01, 2018
Är så glad att jag funnit detta sätt att titta på tv. Är både billigare, enklare och smidigare att ta med osv. Stort tack, för ert tålamod med att hjälpa mig igång. Nu är jag här för att förlänga 😀

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